Spamton Sweepstakes - A Fun 24-Hour Sweepstake For A Cause

Gaming companies and game publishers often use sweepstakes and giveaways for promotion. From gaming consoles, laptops, PC parts and free copies of games, fans can always take part in these promotions with a chance to win any of these prizes. Gaming companies and publishers on the other hand, enjoy the promotion as they send out a message about their game and related content.

However, there are times where a game publisher uses the popularity of a game to promote a giveaway with a different goal. For example, one-man indie-game publisher Toby Fox took full advantage of his game Deltarune to promote “Spamton Sweepstakes” for a good cause.

Spamton G. Spamton

To fully understand the giveaway, it’s important to learn more about the game it’s based. Spamton G. Spamton is one of the characters of the game “Deltarune”. He’s regarded as one of the mini-bosses in the game and the character is a self-described “Number One Greatest Salesman”.

The game itself is very popular. Toby Fox is one of the most popular indie game developers not only because of this game but also with his other creation “Undertale”.

24-Hour Sweepstakes Promotion

On September 17, 2022, Deltarune together with Fangamer partnered for a 24-hour donation marathon for Child’s Play - an organization who helps children in hospitals around the world through gaming and related technology.

This giveaway is incredibly unique because it features different types of prizes and they are all presented with Spampton in mind. A total of 38 main prizes were given away and they range from Fangamer Gift Cards, Custom Engraved Merch or a Special Merch Bundle worth $684.00 in total. Those who wish to enter the giveaway can either donate to the charity or use the alternative method of entry during the 24-hour giveaway period.

What’s unique about the 24-hour giveaway marathon is the unique prizes when a donation goal is reached. Spamton conducted a Q&A session on Twitter (Now X) once the donation reached $150,000. Spamton basically answered questions on Fangamer’s Twitter - allowing fans to learn more about the character and even the character’s opinion of other in-game characters.

Once the donation reached $225,000, another fun goal was unlocked as fans raced to vote whether Spamton should be silenced or freed (Silence or Freedom). The voting was through donations with the same beneficiary. In this charitable race, “Freedom” won even with large single donations for “Silence” including Toby Fox.

Aside from the giveaways with special prizes with donation goals, Fangamer and Deltarune also ran a special eBay auction for Pakistan Children’s Relief.  Two items were placed on eBay: A Giant Golden Berdly Statue and a Spamton version of Mona Lisa. Both items came with certificates of authenticity and both items were signed by Toby Fox.

A Fun Sweepstakes for Charity

The Spamton Sweepstakes feature impressive prizes but with minimal cost. The total retail value of all 38 prizes is only $3,346.59 against the total donation of $322,805.68. It was a worthwhile event that entertained fans of the game for a good cause.

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